ACEZ Sensing has grown systematically and organically from a humble operation in 2005. It has since become one of the leading designs and manufacturer of solution-centric, application-driven thermocouples, RTD sensor and drilled bar-stock thermo-wells supplier, based in Singapore.

It was certified with good manufacturing system according to ISO 9001 since 2015. Acez Sensing is co-located beside its sister company – ISOLAB (S) PTE LTD, an ISO-17025/2017 accredited calibration laboratory with international accredited certification and high calibration measurement competencies.

Our machines include; High Speed Gun-drill blind hole drilling from 3.0mm to 16mm, High capacity CNC, semi-auto welding, ultrasonic cleaning, honing and mineral insulated thermocouples and RTD sensor production line.. Together with calibrated testing and inspection instruments like XRF Spectrometer-PMI machine, ultra-sonic thickness gauge, Insulation resistance etc. Welding quality assurance tests such as   dye penetration test by certified NDE level II & III, wide range of material WPS, PQR procedures are also available in-house  to ensure our upmost quality that come with capabilities and competencies to provide the best products for every customer. The ISO: 9001 processes enable us to offer our products to industries that have stringent applications like; the chemical, petro-refineries, power generation, hygienic pharmaceutical, food & beverage, heat-treatment, oil & gas, aerospace, sustainable HVACR, Semi-conductor& wafer fab, recycling incineration & sewage plants and many other industries in South East Asia and beyond.

To meet the needs of the hazardous applications in the chemical, refineries and down streams petrochemical sectors, ACEZ Sensing was certified with internationally recognized approvals from North America-CSA and Europe- ATEX/IECex to produce a variety of explosion proof temperature sensors and assemblies in both standard and customised designs that meet the safety and quality requirements in most hazardous locations to Exde IIc T6 classification.

Capitalizing on our experiences and engineering knowledge plus leveraging on our assembly capabilities and competencies, ACEZ Sensing also provide fabrication services for Sampling Probes, Injection Quills, by-pass Chambers, flushing rings, and instrumentation accessories that are of high quality in workmanship and come with fast turnaround time to serve our customers better with high testing and inspection compliances.

With our quality and customer centric policies, we will keep improving ourselves by embracing new technologies, increase productivity, adopting learning organization behaviour, and sustainable corporate reporting to serve our valuable customers with social and environmental responsibilities.



Its slogan implies “Beyond Sensing”, it delivers more than just sensors, together with reliable solutions for customer’s temperature sensor’s need.

The Acez Sensing brand name and logo is a registered trademark of her parent company, Acez Instruments (S) Private Limited. The logo clearly conveys the parent-subsidiary relationship between Acez Instrument and Acez Sensing. Specifically, Brick Red contains visual colour cues that express the Strength of Acez® as a group of companies, the Warmth of their exceptional customer service and Acez®’s commitment to their community and environment.

In tandem with Brick Red, Dark Green triggers the specific responses of Trustworthiness which any Acez® customer would identify Acez® with. A colour that represents nature, Dark Green is most appropriately used to depict the eco-friendliness of Acez Sensing and Acez Group of Company. The use of 2 colours in the Logo will also assist in the correct pronunciation of the company name, which is Ace and Z.

Blue is introduced into Acez Sensing logo to emphasize the trustworthy and dependable nature of the subsidiary. Often associated with depth and stability, blue symbolizes wisdom, confidence and intelligence which are critical attributes of her workforce for delivering a ‘Beyond Sensing’ experience to her customers. Thus, blue is a pertinent choice which embraces the culture of continuous Advancement for lifelong learning in Acez Sensing.

A friendly Splash Font is specially selected for ‘Acez Sensing’ to aptly reflect the Sincere and Warm Services extended to all customers of Acez Group of Companies. Myriad Pro Semibold Italics font is introduced for the brand promise ‘Beyond Sensing’ to accentuate the professionalism and progressiveness of Acez Sensing. In addition, the brand promise was enclosed within a slanted parallelogram to reinforce the forward-looking nature of Acez Sensing who aspires to be the Preferred Partner that truly delivers a ‘Beyond Sensing’ experience for all her customers in the Region.