TE25 High Accuracy Temperature Sensor Assembly

TE25 High Accuracy Temperature Sensor Assembly

TE25 higher accuracy for more precision controls to achieve better energy efficiency for HVACR green building temperature sensors.

•   Sensor especially designed for HVACR Green Building applications

•   Long term measurement for central chill water system energy efficiency

•   Upgrading for improved energy efficiency & new installations

•   On-site verification with suitable precision and handled thermometer

•   Manufacture and calibrate as per SS591 by ISO17025 accredited laboratory

•   Assemble with vibration-proof open-ended threaded thermowell for fast response and reliable sensing

•   RTD, PT100 1/10Din sensor with ±0.03°C at 0°C accuracy

•   NTC Thermistor 10K, ±0.05°C (0 to 50°C) accuracy with A, B, C coefficients on request.

•   Fast response and high repeatability

•   Lightweight polypropylene enclosure

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